We aspire for every one of our students to have strength of character, resilience and the ability to dig deep – whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in the Arts or in the outdoor environment. The character and courage that is developed through working as a team, coupled with the physical activity involved in our programs, leads in turn to mental agility and lasting skills for life. To ensure this, we have developed the Outdoor Education program for our Elementary and Secondary students which is designed for the whole person development. 

Resilience is instilled in our students throughout all aspects of their education at AIS, and is of particular focus in our sporting programs and Outdoor Education. Our Coaching for Character program, for staff and parents, uses the latest research in adolescent and sports psychology to equip our students with the tools to build character through sport and outdoor activities.

Character is the development of mind over matter, and at the Australian International School it is as important as the development of fitness and skills.

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