Our Outdoor Education Program offers a progressive age-appropriate experience that begins at Prep and continues to Year 10, with each year building on the skills acquired and challenges faced in the previous years.


Prior to the official program commencing in Prep, our Early Years students build their connections and appreciation of the natural environment as they explore and investigate nature in the surrounding parks and woodlands around school. Learning opportunities are endless as the students participate in enriching cross-curricular activities.


From a unique and enriching nature walk at Sungei Buloh Wetlands with Prep to trekking the beautiful mountains in Chiang Mai with the Year 10, AIS aims to develop the “Whole Student” by nurturing their individual talents, both in and outside the classroom; helping them to discover their unique pathway in life. 


Contact our Admissions team to know more details about program content. A full breakdown of the program can be found below:

Year GroupLocation/Provider Program Content
PrepSingaporeAn enriching and unique day trip to the city’s FIRST ASEAN heritage park,a sprawling ecological gem that holds international importance for migratory birds, as they escape the cold from as far as Siberia.
Year 1SingaporeA unique cultural experience on a rustic island located just off the East Coast of Singapore as they soak in the tranquillity and explore a myriad of hidden treasures on the island.
Year 2 (2D1N)SingaporeAn exciting adventure filled with new and enriching activities awaits as the students partake in their first overnight camp program.
Year 3 (3D2N)SingaporeAs they forged bonds with their peers through activities such as kayaking and raft-building, students will have the chance to cultivate essential life skills and a greater appreciation for the natural world.
Year 4 (4D3N)MalaysiaAs they partake in their first overseas camping experience with many opportunities to learn and develop their proficiency and competency of their wilderness skills through trekking along the waterfall, build shelter and cooking in the great outdoors.
Year 5 (5D4N)MalaysiaAs the students snorkel and paddle in the crystal clear water around Pulau Sibu, this coastal experience encourages the students to be mindful of their actions and its impacts as they expand their level of environmental knowledge to be a responsible global citizen.
Year 6 (5D4N)MalaysiaThe introduction of expedition skills through these skill-focused activities will equip the students with the confidence and self-esteem in handling future adversity with a positive attitude.
Year 7 (5D4N)MalaysiaThis 5-day journey aims to extend the students physically, socially and emotionally, allowing every student the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and face new challenges - the wisdom gained will be invaluable and life changing.
Year 8 (6D5N)MalaysiaOn the west coast of Malaysia, the students will embark on a 6-day program where they will be tested by the natural environment and the activities to come together as one in order to succeed and bring about self - awareness and growth as an individual and as a team.
Year 9 (6D5N)MalaysiaDuring the 6-day program,the students will be challenged through real scenarios where they will learn to apply self-imposed personal limits and then also to extend those limits. It is an experience that focuses on character building and leadership development to help our students manage and overcome future challenges in life.
Year 10 (7D6N)ThailandIn the northern jungle and valleys of Thailand, the students will put their outdoor skills to the test while immersing in Chiang Mai’s beautiful nature from above and below as they hike through the jungle, climb cliffs and descend through caves.

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