The Outdoor Education Program begins at Prep and continues through to Year 10, with each year building on the skills learned and challenges faced in the previous year.

Prior to the official program commencing in Prep, our Early Years students get exposure to the outdoor environment through local trips to the parks and woodlands around school, helping them to gain an appreciation and understanding of nature. Children will take part in activities such as den-building, nature spotting and transient art (making art from natural materials such as sticks, leaves and flowers.)

From 6 years old and upwards the program extends further afield, beginning with day trips in Prep and concluding with week-long expeditions in the Secondary Years. Contact our Admissions team to know more details about program content. A full breakdown of the program can be found below:

Year GroupLocation/Provider Program Content
PrepSingaporeA local day trip in Singapore with the Strix Wildlife Team. This beautiful habitat is a haven for various migratory species and wildlife.
Year 1SingaporeA local day trip in Singapore with the Strix Wildlife Team. The island is off eastern Singapore and often considered the last 'kampung' (village) in Singapore. A stroll through the island takes you back to Singapore in the 1960's.
Year 2SingaporeA 1-day trip in Singapore and a 1-day local outdoor education adventure day. The students will return to the AIS grounds to camp out overnight in tents within the school grounds.
Year 3Singapore1 night in dormitories or tents in Singapore. Activities include low ropes, raft building, kayaking, camping various orienteering challenges at a park.
Year 4 Malaysia4-day program of river tracing, jungle hike, bush craft activities, an on-site overnight camping experience, bush cooking, fire lighting, tyrolean traverse river crossing, navigation and team based activities.
Year 5Malaysia5-day coastal program of camping, kayaking, cultural activities, mangrove interpretation, jungle hike, beach combing, community camp cooking & snorkelling.
Year 6Malaysia5-day program of overnight camping, introduction to expedition skills, paddling, caving, village experience, hiking and high / low rope activities.
Year 7Malaysia5-day program of caving, overnight camping, introduction to expedition skills, swift water rescue, rafting, hiking and high / low rope activities.
Year 8Malaysia6-day program of swift water skills, multiple overnight camping, caving, introductory rafting, hiking and high / low rope activities and a village immersion experience.
Year 9Malaysia6-day advanced program focusing on leadership and outdoor adventure. Activities will include multiple night expedition, swift water rescue training, self-guiding rafts, off track navigation, extensive caving experiences and community service.
Year 10Malaysia7-day journey in the jungles & valleys of Northern Thailand. Activities include: camping, community service, overnight hiking, various caving, rock climbing and abseiling experiences at Crazy Horse Buttress.

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