Stepping outside of the comfort zone with our outdoor education

The Outdoor Education Program supports the Australian International School’s holistic approach to learning, and the notion that it is not academic results alone that determine an individual’s success. We believe that it is a significant part of receiving an International School education here in Singapore.

Our carefully structured and sequential outdoor education programs aim to provide our students with a greater understanding of leadership and followship, embrace various challenges in a supportive team setting, acquire key traits of empathy and compassion, and develop a greater appreciation and closer relationship with the outdoor environment.

Some of the activities our students can look forward to on a typical camp are outlined below. Activities will vary from camp to camp depending on the age of the students:

Water-Based Activities

As the students marvel at the panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, be it the magnificent limestone outcrops or rustic village life, they will have the chance to cultivate essential lifelong skills with the sense of togetherness as they overcome challenges and navigate through obstacles as a team. This experience is a highlight of the trip for many students.

High Elements

Through participating in these activities, the students are empowered to make choices about the level of challenge they wish to undertake. This gets them to understand the mechanics of ‘Pause–Choose–Act’ as a response to challenges they face during camp as well as in life.


Students will embark on an exciting underground adventure where the experience of discovery, challenge and pure beauty awaits them. While exploring the fantastic cave system, this experience will give them confidence to adapt to unfamiliar conditions as they navigate through the huge caverns safely and efficiently.

Hiking / Trekking

Through this experience, the students discover the world of outdoor living. From route planning to cooking with environmental consideration in mind, trekking provides countless opportunities for building and practicing their collaborative skills which are essential in their educational and personal growth.


The feeling of air rushing past their face as they enjoy the spectacular view while navigating through the multi terrain route together is priceless. Biking is a skill that comes with a whole range of benefits. It’s a fun activity that is great to develop and strengthen supportive relationships among the students.


Bushcraft is an incredibly valuable skill. Through a range of activities such as fire & shelter building, outdoor cooking, water sourcing & filtration, students gain and develop new skills with a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world and belief in their own capability to survive within it. Students will in essence, learn to live in the world without being reliant on modern technology.

Cultural Experiences

These experiences enable students to understand and appreciate the benefits of other ways of life. From visiting local markets to staying in a homestay, students are exposed to experiences that they wouldn’t gain through a book.

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