ian ward
May 20, 2022


Assistant Head of Elementary, Opportunities and Events Commenced at AIS in 2016 as Assistant Head of Upper Elementary, Welfare and Administration Teaches some Physical Education classes

Teaching Biography

As Assistant Head of Elementary, Opportunities and Events, Ian helps provide opportunities to students that will add value to their education. Liaising with different departments (Outdoor Education, Sport and Performing Arts for example) as well as each of the sections of the school is a key part of this role. Maintaining a teaching role is important to Ian and he currently enjoys teaching some Year 3 Physical Education classes. Since commencing his teaching career over 35 years ago, Ian has held leadership and class/specialist teaching roles in schools in Western Australia, South Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and now Singapore. Whilst every area of learning is important, developing a love of reading has been top of the list for Ian. Ensuring children are happy and have an understanding of cross-culture kids, particularly in our international context, are two keys to helping them learn successfully. Ian continues to be excited with the opportunities that education provides, and a constant highlight is watching children realize that they can do many things that seemed impossible before they had a go. Ian enjoys helping children maintain a love of learning (they all start with one), by providing them with opportunities to gain a well-balanced, well-rounded education.

Personal Biography

The opportunity to travel and work in different Australian states and countries has been a highlight for Ian, especially as he has been able to share so many fantastic experiences with his wife and two children. Even though they are now adults, in two different countries, his children are still very much a part of the Singapore experience. Ian is passionate about sport, both participating and spectating. Field hockey has been his main sport, but he also enjoys running, kayaking, mountain biking and tennis whenever opportunities arise. As a spectator, watching the West Coast Eagles is top of the list! For less strenuous activities, reading is something that Ian thoroughly enjoys.