Infant Care Curriculum

The Infant Care Philosophy and Curriculum

Our philosophy of love care and respect permeates everything that we do with and for the children as well as families of Infant Care. We aim for each child to feel secure, appreciated, and feel that “somebody is deeply, truly interested in me”. By the way we just look, the way we just listen, we can positively influence a child’s whole personality. In all we do, we ask ourselves: Is this loving? Is this caring? Is this respectful?

Our caregiving curriculum guarantees quality one-on-one time for each and every child throughout the day in the way we involve children in their daily rituals, give them a good language sample, fill their emotional buckets, and help them connect with their own bodies.

The emergent curriculum, on the other hand, encourages sensitive observations of children’s explorations of the environment. Dedicated teachers build further curricular extensions on the basis of these observations, assuring that each child, no matter where they are in their development, has something inspiring and motivating to engage with.

Individual Care Programs and Communication with parents

At the Early Learning Village Infant Care, each child receives an individual care program. Through sensitive observations and in partnership with parents, we are guided by respect for each child’s competence. We work with parents to carefully observe and understand the infant’s communications and their needs.
The more we observe, the more we understand and appreciate the enormous amount and speed of learning that happens during the first two or three years of life. We can then become more humble; we “teach” less, and instead we provide an environment of continued learning.

Each family has a regularly updated electronic portfolio using the celebrated Storypark platform, which shares special moments in weekly Sneak Peeks through photos, videos and text. Parents may also follow their child’s ritual/daily routine updates in real time through the Storypark app.

Qualified and Experienced Educarers

Staffed by qualified and experienced carers and educators, the Early Learning Village offers families a unique space in which to care and support the development of their baby/infant. All Infant Care staff have been trained by a certified sleep consultant and remain abreast of popular trends as well as research in the early childhood education through participation in professional development sessions.

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