Partnership with Families

We welcome parents and guardians as full partners, children’s first and lifelong teachers and the persons in their lives who know their needs and predispositions best. Parents are encouraged to share about their children during drop-off, pick-up, in informal chats and scheduled consultations. The knowledgeable Infant Care Educarers will be happy to lend a listening ear, to advise, or to brainstorm ideas. Our Infant Care Coordinator, a certified sleep consultant, will also be available to help you win back some precious sleep!

The home-school connections are made stronger thanks to the Storypark platform which allows guardians to reach out to the staff through the app’s “start conversation” feature. Real-time logs of children’s daily routines offer a more complete picture of their day in combination with colorful photos and descriptions of children’s adventures in the weekly sneak peek posts.

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Take a tour of the Australian International School

Booking an on-site tour is a great way to experience the Australian International School campus. If you are not yet residing in Singapore, or your schedule does not allow for a visit to our campus, an Online Consultation is a great alternative too.