Welcome to Australian International School

Thank you for your interest in the Australian International School, Singapore.

I hope that this welcoming introduction may encourage you to explore our school further. Foremost, the excitement of an international education in the extraordinary city of Singapore is readily shown at AIS. Significantly, the School’s dynamic and global students represent a cosmopolitan expression of learning that fulfils our vision of opportunity, achievement and respect. Notably, over fifty nationalities populate AIS, and each student brings the uniqueness of the experiences to enliven others.

Singularly, the academic emphasis continues to create a culture of high scholarship. Our graduating results, in 2021, for example, resulted in an International Baccalaureate average of 36.2. In an Australian context, this IB outcome equates to an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 94. As a non-selective school, we are especially pleased that the pass rate for 2021 was 100% of students and the futures of these students will take them to universities across our planet.

Beyond the graduating years, the focus on student learning evolves as a primary and sustaining focus across all year levels. From our world-leading Early Years program, through Elementary School and throughout Secondary, our teaching environment maintains an academic wellbeing emphasis where the child’s emotional, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and relational being is blended.

Accordingly, the School community works as one to ensure our mission for students is fulfilled: ‘To enable our students to realise their potential through exceptional opportunities, within a nurturing community which equips them to flourish in life and to make a difference for good.’

All being well, I hope to see you on campus.

Dr Edward Groughan

Head of School

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