Careers & Pathways Counselling for Students

Welcome to Careers 2022

Wonderful career outcomes are achieved when students, parents, teachers and career professionals collaborate in the career development journey! Families play key support roles for young people throughout this process and are therefore enthusiastically invited to make contact with the Careers Counsellors to discuss any aspect of the AIS Careers program.

James Scheib: Head of Careers

Anjelica Gkouris: Career Counsellor

    +65 63193754

Three Stage Process:

The AIS Careers program advocates a student-centred and three stage approach to career development:

  1. Self-Knowledge: understanding individual aptitudes, interests, values and personal style.
  2. Career Exploration: exploring career opportunities in a rapidly changing world of work
  3. Career Management: developing the skills to engage in lifelong learning and to sustain career success.

Program Overview

Career education, counselling and support for students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Topics include:

Self knowledge

through exploration of individual values, skills and interests. Morrisby is a key tool we use for this.

Workplace information

jobs and labour market currently and for the future. We will offer a lunchtime speaker series as well as varying university visit talks.

Future world of work

knowledge, skills and strategies to achieve career success in a rapidly change world of work. Guest speakers outlining future expectations.

Tertiary entry

requirements and processes for application to preferred learning pathways for Australia and the rest of the world.

Subject selection

requirements and procedures – Year 9, 10 , 11 and 12

Interview techniques and personal statements

requirements for tertiary entry globally

Getting hired

interview and resume writing skills in preparation for entry to part-time and full-time work

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