Bottle Feeds and First Solid Meals

The on-site modern kitchen at the Early Learning Village provides developmentally appropriate and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for young infants, all served within the Pod.

The Early Learning Village kitchen has a separate fully equipped allergen kitchen to cater for children’s individual needs. All meals are designed and prepared by a team of chefs, with advice from a dedicated dietician. First solid meals (vegetarian purees and cereals) are provided in consultation with parents who are invited to choose from a list of approved ingredients and add more variety as children become more and more experienced at digesting solid foods.

Babies and Infants who are still bottle feeding will have their own milk (provided by parents) warmed in the mini kitchen within the Infant Care Pod.

We also made available a nursing room for mothers who require a quiet space to feed their child at drop off or pick up, or to express milk.

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