Canteen services are a critical part of the School’s provision, not least because we are all aware that nutritionally balanced food options for children can encourage them to engage in healthy eating habits as they continue to grow. Our school canteens cater for students in Early Years, Elementary and Secondary according to their age-specific needs and preferences.

The two AIS canteens are managed for the School by Chartwells. Chartwells is a leading provider of food service to schools and universities around the world and has a food philosophy of “Healthy Food, Healthy Kids and a Healthy Planet”.

Its core message of “Eat, Learn & Live” provides a healthy, nutritious and delicious food selection which helps students to develop, learn and perform at their best. The Smart Food Programme takes a “Fresh Food First” approach that encourages nutritionally-balanced food choices that are tailored to meet the Singapore-specific guidelines and the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

All the new AIS menus reflect the parent and student feedback that Chartwells has gathered over the last few months. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like more information on any particular food area please email the team at

Feedback can also be provided direct to the School, via our Parent Experience and Helpdesk on

Food choices for Early Years and Lower Elementary School students

During the consultation period, there were lengthy discussions with parents and staff about what menu choices should be available for pre-order for the Early Years and Lower Elementary School students. A special menu has been designed which allows our students to choose from a selection of hot main meals including a simple rice or pasta option. Every meal will be presented in a ‘lunchbox’ style container and will be served with some fresh fruit. 

Each of these meals is available for pre-order only and will be served out of the Junior Canteen. You can view the menu here and can pre-order it here

Food choices for Upper Elementary School and Secondary School students

As well as revamping the Main Canteen area, Chartwells has devised a brand new weekly menu, the first week of which can be seen here. Alongside the main meal choices, there will also be the option of buying freshly made sandwiches at Mondo Subs as well as there being a large selection of snacks and drinks (which can be viewed here). There is also a new breakfast menu (the menu can be seen here) and a daily BBQ meal. 

Parent Cafe

The AIS Parent Café, also managed by Chartwells, is a stand-alone venue with its own menu, and acts as a meeting point for parents away from the bustle of the main canteens. Parents are asked to note that unaccompanied children are not permitted in the AIS Parent Café (with the exception of Year 12 students who may purchase items in the café during school hours for consumption elsewhere). 

You can view the food and beverage menu here.

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