Students at AIS are part of an inclusive, rich and dynamic learning environment where the expectations are high and individual learning styles are identified and programed for. This occurs within a framework of partnership between the school, the family and the student based on open communication and collaboration. 

Capacity within the classroom to successfully identify and manage student diversity is achieved through collaboration with a variety of support staff across the School including personnel from the Learning Enrichment Department.

Teachers across the School are responsible for supporting students with a wide range of abilities and needs within their classrooms. Any one classroom has a range of abilities and in order to cater for these differences, a differentiated curriculum is required. Differentiation at AIS is seen as a process that creates the conditions which enable and extend the personalized high performance learning of all students. AIS responds to the diverse learning needs of students in classrooms by catering for a variety of interests, academic abilities and cultural backgrounds. All students are given equal opportunity to develop to their full potential by engaging in meaningful, challenging experiences.

Staff within the Learning Enrichment Department at AIS, partner with class teachers and specialist staff to enable students to realise their potential through engaging in meaningful, challenging experiences. This occurs within the context of a nurturing community that operates from an acceptance and appreciation of differences. AIS is an inclusive community and the Learning Enrichment Department assists in the provision of a differentiated learning program that aims to meet the needs of the individual and reflect each students’ abilities and learning styles.

In collaboration with class teachers and specialist staff, the Learning Enrichment Department offer a continuum of services to support positive learning outcomes for all students. The use of this flexible learning and teaching model, allows for the provision of support in accordance with currently identified student needs. The educational experiences offered through the Learning Enrichment Department are informed by our high expectations, our knowledge of the students, their readiness to learn and their backgrounds, as well as their needs and interests as individuals. We aim to provide educational frameworks which honour and maximize the aspirations and achievements of our students in relation to developing their holistic development.

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