Outdoor Education

Outdoor education

Extending education beyond the classroom environment…

Here are some of the benefits of the AIS Outdoor Education Program…

A progressive program, starting from 3 years old

At AIS we firmly believe that an appreciation and understanding of the natural environment should be encouraged from a young age. That’s why we offer meaningful outdoor experiences from 3 years old, and a progressive program of camps which builds on these experiences each year.

Extending learning beyond the classroom

Learning happens everywhere, and some of the most meaningful educational experiences often take place outside of the traditional school environment. Our program takes students beyond the conventional constraints of the classroom and into the natural environment, encouraging them to enquire, experiment and discover.

Stepping outside of the comfort zone

Our camps and excursions promote risk-taking and adventure, with activities such as hiking, camping, rafting and caving to name just a few. We operate with a ‘challenge by choice’ ethos, never forcing students to take risks, but encouraging them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and ‘have a go’.

Building resilience and strength of character

The Outdoor Education Program fully supports the development of resilience and strength of character. Whether it’s taking risks on one of the many activities offered on camp, or helping a fellow classmate to overcome their fears, the value of resilience permeates through all aspects of the program.

In today’s technology-driven society it can be easy to forget the simple pleasures of getting outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the natural environment. Many children are now exposed to more screen time than ever before, and in extreme cases this can lead to problems such as obesity, depression and poor social skills.

AIS adopts a holistic approach to learning, which aims to develop the ‘whole student’ by nurturing their individual talents, both in and outside of the classroom, helping them to discover their unique pathway in life. The AIS Outdoor Education Program is an essential part of this approach extending learning well beyond the classroom and into natural environments.

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