March 21, 2023

How is the Australian International School using ChatGPT in the classroom?

The Australian International School in Singapore is focused on making waves in the world of education with its innovative approach to education. The school is encouraging its teaching staff to use Artificial Intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, in various areas of teaching and learning, with the aim of gathering valuable insights on how the technology can be strategically implemented to enhance learning experiences for students.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT technology is an AI language model developed by a company called OpenAI that uses deep learning to generate human-like responses to written prompts. It has the ability to understand natural language and predict the most likely response, making it a powerful tool for a wide range of applications. ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities, which were unveiled in November 2022, have drawn attention from various industries around the world.

How is the Australian International School using this technology?

The Australian International School is using this technology in innovative ways to bring the classroom experience into the modern world. As more education-based companies begin to implement Artificial Intelligence into their solutions, the school is emerging as a leading institution for providing cutting-edge education, with a focus on enhancing the learning experience for its students.

As the Australian International School continues to innovate the classroom experience with ChatGPT technology, leading EdTech companies are taking notice and going as far as providing free licences to their software solutions to the school, in the hopes to learn more about how their solutions can be used in education.

How is the technology being used in AIS Secondary School?

Secondary School Teacher, and Head of Wellbeing for Years 9-12, James Midgley, is leading the way in demonstrating the many possibilities of ChatGPT. He has been sharing videos and links with staff, introducing them to AI tools such as Curipod, Fliki and Perplexity, and encouraging teachers to understand how students may already be interacting with these tools.

James shared “If we fail to teach our students to use AI with integrity, we are failing our future leaders. The genie that is the AI revolution is already fully out of the bottle. Its ability to develop original strategies in medicine, agriculture, and transport ad infinitum has the potential to make it an essential facet of humankind’s continual presence on this planet. Prohibition never worked and education is essential to harness AI abilities to solve humanity’s increasing challenges.”

James, along with other key staff members at the school has been using the technology for a variety of purposes such as presentations, brainstorming, debates, lesson planning, coursework making and online tutoring. English teachers at the school, in particular, have been using AI technology to create exam responses that students then critically analyse.

How is ChatGPT being used in English as an Additional Language (EAL) program

By encouraging teachers to implement ChatGPT into various aspects of their roles, students who are studying in the Australian International School under the English as an Additional Language (EAL) program are also benefiting from immediate translations, making language acquisition more accessible and efficient, providing support and resources to help them succeed
H1: ChatGPT is being used to monitor academic wellbeing
ChatGPT is being used to bring student academic wellbeing to the forefront of teacher to student relationships. Some teachers have found that, when using technology in some areas of their day to day tasks, allows them to identify students who may be struggling and to provide additional support to help them succeed. This promotes a safe and supportive learning environment for students and helps them to develop important life skills.

Other ways AIS is embracing innovative teaching methods

The Australian International School is utilising ChatGPT’s potential by encouraging teachers to minimise administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on planning and marking. This helps teachers devote more time to their students and create a more personalised learning experience. Recently, in February, the school dedicated a professional development day for teachers to explore the potential for tools such as ChatGPT and its impact on their plans for the school year, demonstrating the school’s ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of EdTech and Learning Innovation. Teachers have found that the interactions between themselves and this new technology offers a more personal approach to feedback to students, helping them to progress at their own pace and take control of their own learning, making learning a more enjoyable experience for students.

Another recent example of the school’s commitment to using technology in innovative ways, they recently appointed a new Director of Learning Innovation, Adam Torrens, who is responsible for researching emerging technologies, collaborating with teachers and staff, and designing professional development programs to support the integration of new approaches to the curriculum.

Learn more about the Australian International School

The Australian International School has shown commitment to utilising ChatGPT technology to its full potential is a testament to its dedication to providing students with the best possible education. The Australian International School is committed to using innovative teaching methods and personalised learning experiences for its students. The school’s use of the latest technology extends bond ChatGPT, including incorporating data analytics and AI technology to better understand all students.

The Australian International School’s dedication to staying current with technological advancements is a clear indication of its vision to “Thrive in a rapidly evolving world.” As the Australian International School embraces these advancements, the school is able to offer its students a truly unique and valuable educational experience.

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