IB & HSC Visual Arts Exhibition
October 5, 2022

2022 IB and HSC Visual Arts Exhibition

After two long years of COVID AIS is so pleased to be able to finally return to celebrating and showcasing our amazing students’ artwork. The Annual 2022 Secondary Visual Arts Exhibition, titled ‘jumpstART 2022’ was held on campus on Monday 19th September 2022.

Historically we have always had the word ‘ART’ embedded in some way in our exhibition title/logo hence this year’s 2022 Exhibition title; ‘JumpstART’ 2022, which was highly appropriate given we have been two years without a live exhibition. It’s wonderful that we can ‘JUMPSTART’ back into live art exhibitions here at the school!

Our Visual Arts department is such a wonderfully well-resourced faculty and because of that we are able to provide and expose our students to so many creative artistic practices and creative experiences. Students have created artworks using a wide range of artistic materials and practices, such as: ceramics, painting, printmaking drawing, sculpture, photography, film, digital drawing and animation.

IB & HSC Visual Arts Exhibition Scene

Proud Moments from Secondary Students at AIS 

This year’s exhibition showcases and celebrates the Art Major works of our Year 12 Visual Arts International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IDBP) and Year 12 Higher School Certificate (HSC) Visual Art students. On display in our corridors and art rooms were artworks from Years 6, 7, 8, 9 10 and Year 11 Visual Arts and Year 9 & 10 elective subject, Photography and Digital Media. The night was a huge success, and the students were so proud seeing their beautiful artworks adorn the walls of our school.

IB & HSC Visual Arts Exhibition Art

Kylie Welsh, the Head of Secondary Visual Arts shared a story with us from the night of the ART Exhibition. One of the students asked her, “Mrs Welsh, what’s the best exhibition you have ever been to?” She almost wanted to tell them about the art exhibitions in Europe but she realised that AIS Art exhibitions are by far her favourite. “There is so much joy and excitement seeing students’ resolved artworks on display. The Visual Arts is so important and necessary for so many students. Art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions, building confidence and identity in a way other than verbally or the written language. Everyone has an imagination. Art takes it a step further.”

IB & HSC Visual Arts Exhibition Pencil Art

AIS would once again like to thank the students for their hard work and beautiful artwork. We would also like to thank our dedicated and brilliant art department, Kylie Welsh, Mr Nicholas McCandlish, Sharon Haworth and Stephanie Burt for their hard work and everything that they do for our students.

IB & HSC Visual Arts Exhibition Artwork