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AIS Secondary Visual Arts delivers a rich and dynamic program to our students from Years 6 to Year 12. Our Visual Arts Department is extremely well resourced, and we are able to provide our students with a wide scope of artistic experiences. The Secondary Visual Art programs course has been designed for students who engage in project based learning, are creative thinkers, problem solvers and promote an awareness and interest in the Visual Arts. Each unit of work is designed around a concept, an area of investigation, encouraging students to develop their critical and creative thinking. Students will study artworks and artists from ancient times to the traditional period, the modern and postmodern periods up to contemporary practice.

This course enables students to represent their ideas and interests about the world, to engage in contemporary forms of communication and to understand and write about their world. Common themes connect the practical and theory work and the students have the flexibility of trying different artmaking approaches that they have never experienced before. Due to the excellent facilities in our Visual Arts Department, students have the opportunity to produce a wide variety of artworks in mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, film, animation, photography, graphic design and sculpture.

Kylie Welsh

Head of Secondary Visual Arts


Welcome To Music Education At AIS

We’re delighted to introduce you to a music education at AIS, a place where talented young individuals are nurtured to inspire audiences with their musicality.

Our belief is that a music education is vital to the holistic development of every child; to enhance emotional wellbeing, develop critical thinking and team work, develop motor skills and initiate a lifelong passion for music.

From their first days in the early years until they graduate from AIS, your child will embark on a progressive musical journey that will prepare them to enjoy, participate or work in the arts.
Our passionate specialist teachers deliver personalised musical programs to promote the highest standards of artistic excellence that enable your child to become an accomplished musician.

With dedicated programs covering 21 instruments and extensive choir and voice opportunities, our students have every opportunity to participate as beginner musicians, or join a professional ensemble that extends our most able artists.

We are proud of our musicians’ achievements and would welcome the opportunity to inspire your child.

Ensemble opportunities throughout the school

Fostering a life-long passion for music through collaborative choir and music ensembles. Laying the foundation for elective music studies under the Australia National Curriculum, IB DP or HSC.

Multiple performance opportunities for musical talents

Celebrating our student’s musical talents through a wide range of performance opportunities including the highly anticipated AIS annual Music Ensemble evening and representing AIS at ANZAC Day at the Kranji Memorial and numerous other opportunities that present themselves throughout the school year.


The vocal and instrumental music program

Deepening our student’s love of music and supporting their journey to becoming an accomplished musicians, our extensive vocal and instrumental music program enables students to work with professionally qualified and experienced private music tutors.


The Drama curriculum and CCA offerings at AIS incorporates a range of diverse and exciting opportunities to investigate, explore, create and, of course, perform live theatre. From issue-based topics, through world theatre and numerous performance skills the courses aim to develop confidence, critical thinking and the ability to communicate successfully through dramatic means. 

All students in Years 7 & 8 experience Drama as a curriculum subject and many choose to continue their study of Drama as an elective in Years 9/10, and at HSC and IB Diploma level as two year courses developing important life-long skills fostered by an arts education.

AIS Drama students are able to access:

  • A state-of-the-art Theatre
  • Instruction by specialist drama staff
  • Participation in yearly dramatic productions
  • CCA Drama clubs (such as musical theatre and LAMDA)
  • Visiting artists-in-residence and live performances
  • Local and international drama excursions
  • Membership to the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA)


The Technologies Department at AIS delivers a wide range of programs across the fields of Computing, Food, Design, Textiles and Construction from Years 7 to 12. Delivering courses through the Australian Curriculum, IGCSE, HSC, IB and New South Wales vocational education programs we have a wide range of options to suit everybody’s interests and needs.

Our department is extremely well resourced with collections of modern and traditional tools across both design and making. Using project based learning methodologies our programs are engaging and interactive, leading students from exploring key questions about why things happen through to how can I solve that problem. No matter the material chosen, our students follow individual projects through a process of investigation, ideation, development and delivery, whilst also exploring the impact that designing has on the world around them.

Suited to individuals who love creating and problem solving, our units include woodwork and plastics, food, fashion and interiors, and developing and coding computing based projects. Choices of tools used across the year groups include traditional hand tools or laser cutters, 3D Printers and CNC machines, robots and drones, plastics recycling and forming opportunities, domestic and industrial kitchen tools and appliances, as well as sewing machines, sublimation printers and digital embroidery machines.

Vocational Education and Training

The Vocational Education Training (VET) suite of subjects offer a speciality course leading to Certificate Level 1 and 2 provided by TAFE New South Wales, Australia as well as contributing to the standard Higher School Certificate. This specialist training is delivered through our normal timetable and provides students with an extensive range of experiences in a competency based curriculum, including work experience and service based learning.

Learning to plan and deliver their own cafes and host functions within school, the Hospitality subject provides learners with experiences ready for work in the Hospitality industry outside of school.

AIS also delivers the Construction Certificate 1 & 2 and Construction Pathways program to introduce students to skills in the construction industry. Learning to plan and build items of furniture and large items, including cubby houses or paving recreational areas around school, this service learning is for those who love working with their hands and being outside.

Both subjects are delivered by highly skilled and industry accredited professionals.

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