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The Australian International School opened in 1993 in Singapore with a 30+ year history of developing students holistically. The school campus has evolved since launch and currently it has three main buildings across its campus, dividing the sub schools. The Main Building, opened in 2003, houses the Upper Elementary and Lower Secondary Schools while the Junior School building was opened in 2008. Located here are students in the Early Years and the Lower Elementary School. Adjacent to these two campuses is the Peter Bond Secondary School which opened in 2010 for students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

We have 188 classrooms built for learning. While the student teacher ratio differs between schools, the classrooms have a maximum capacity of 25. (For more about student to teacher ratios click here).

A Brief History of AIS

  • 1993

    The School started under the leadership of Miss Coral Dixon with 32 students and seven teachers. By the end of the first year, the school roll exceeded 200.

  • 1994

    The campus moved to Emerald Hill, directly behind Orchard Road.

  • 1997

    Again, the school expanded out of its space and moved to Ulu Pandan, near Clementi.

  • 2002

    After a further five and a half years, the school finally secured land to construct a purpose built campus at Lorong Chuan, the current site, with Mr Peter Bond as Principal.

  • 2007

    AIS was purchased by COGNITA

  • 2008

    A Junior School and Preschool were constructed to house children from Preschool to Year 2 at an outstanding purpose-built facility.

  • 2010

    A new Senior building opened to accommodate Year 10, 11 and 12 students. This wing incorporates private study spaces, 35 classrooms and a new Science and Technology area.

  • 2014

    Mr Andre Casson was appointed Principal and has been instrumental in executing significant transformative changes that have led to improved academic outcomes for Secondary students at AIS.

  • 2016

    Mr Simon Leslie commenced as Head of School.

  • 2017

    The Early Learning Village opened. This is a 
world-leading purpose-built facility for our littlest learners, aged 2 months to 6 years old.

  • 2018

    Mr Andre Casson was appointed Head of School at AIS following Mr Simon Leslie's departure and Dr Edward Groughan was appointed Principal at AIS.

  • 2021

    Dr Edward Groughan appointed to Head of School and Adam Paterson promoted to Principal

  • 2023

    Karrie Dietz appointed to Head of School. AIS celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

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