The Athlete Development Program for Aspiring Students

The Australian International School proudly implemented an Athlete Development Program (ADP) at the start of 2015. The program is the first of its kind at an international school in Singapore and aims to enhance the Representative Sporting Program already firmly in place at AIS. Through the ADP we identify and develop potential and aspiring athletes, providing them with exceptional opportunities to achieve sporting excellence in the following areas:

  • Personal Excellence
  • Pride and Passion
  • Holistic Development of the Athlete
  • Character and Sportsmanship
  • Emerging Leadership
  • Improved Athletic Performance


ADP athletes will engage in carefully crafted and individualized strength & conditioning programs and recovery strategies. The ADP program is a research based program that reflects the work done by Balyi and Hamilton 2004 on Youth Long Term Athlete Development.

For more information about the Australian International School Atheltic Development Program, please contact the Admissions Team here.

A Unique Program Committed To Athletic Excellence

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