2023 Junior School ACSIS Performance Summary

Discover the remarkable achievements of the Australian International School in Singapore (AIS) as we recount the highlights of the Junior School Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) Swimming Championships. Let’s delve into the details of our students’ performances and celebrate their accomplishments in the pool.

AIS Representation at the Junior School Athletic Conference Swimming Championships

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, the AIS Sharks took centre stage at the ACSIS Swimming Championships held at the United World College South East Asia Dover Campus. Our students proudly represented our school, showcasing their swimming prowess among their peers from other international schools in Singapore.



Performance of AIS 10-11yrs Girls

The AIS 10-11yrs Girls demonstrated their competitive spirit and dedication, achieving an impressive 2nd place in the overall point score. Their exceptional performances contributed significantly to the team’s success, and they deserve recognition for their hard work and talent.

Performance of AIS 10-11yrs Boys

The AIS 10-11yrs Boys also displayed commendable performances, securing a respectable 4th place in the overall point score. Their determination and commitment to the sport were evident as they competed against strong opponents, showcasing their skills and contributing to the team’s achievements.

The dominance of the 9yrs/u Category

Although the 9yrs/u category does not directly impact the overall point scores, the AIS Sharks exhibited remarkable dominance in this age group. They achieved an impressive 10 victories out of 16 events, including all four relays. Their success highlights their talent and serves as a testament to their hard work and training.

Outstanding Performances of Individual Sharks

Several individual Sharks stood out with their outstanding performances during the championships. Elke Coetsee emerged as a formidable force, winning all five races she participated in. Lachlan Woolford showcased consistency and skill, achieving three first-place finishes and two third-place finishes. Other notable performers included Lachlan Young, Rania Peck, Victory Hung, Jemima Heward, Grace O’Connor, Isabeau Coetsee, Billy Wait, and Alice Bond, each making valuable contributions to the team’s success.

Noteworthy Achievements of the Sharks

Collectively, the AIS Sharks achieved impressive results, with 10 individuals securing 20 Top 3 finishes. These included 11 first-place finishes, two second-place finishes, and seven third-place finishes. Additionally, 19 Sharks achieved 49 Top 16 swims, highlighting the depth of talent within the team.



Go Sharks!

The ACSIS Swimming Championships provided a platform for the AIS Sharks to demonstrate their abilities and showcase their dedication to the sport. Their achievements in various categories, including the remarkable dominance of the 9yrs/u group, exemplify their commitment and passion for swimming. Congratulations to all the participants for their exceptional performances and the pride they bring to the Australian International School in Singapore.


FIRST (11)

Girls A 9yrs/u 4 x 50 FS Relay 2:42.11

  1. Grace O’Connor
  2. Jemima Heward
  3. Rania Peck
  4. Elke Coetsee

Girls A 9yrs/u 4 x 50 Medley Relay 3:01.54

  1. Jemima Heward
  2. Elke Coetsee
  3. Raina Peck
  4. Grace O’Connor

Boys A 9yrs/u 4 x 50 FS Relay 2:36.71

  1. Lachlan Young
  2. Lachlan Woolford
  3. Victory Hung
  4. Max Battaini

Boys A 9yrs/u 4 x 50 Medley Relay 3:02.63

  1. Billy Waite
  2. Lachlan Woolford
  3. Lachlan Young
  4. Victory Hung

Elke Coetsee 9yrs/u 100 FS 1:22.06

Elke Coetsee 9yrs/u 50 BR 48.03

Elke Coetsee 9yrs/u 50 FS 35.61

Isabeau Coetsee 10-11yrs 50 BF 34.93

Rania Peck 9yrs/u 50 BF 44:40

Lachlan Woolford 9yrs/u 50 BR 49.79

Lachlan Young 9yrs/u 50 BF 46.64



Victory Hung 9yrs/u 100 FS 1:28.36

Lachlan Young 9yrs/u 50 FS 38.15



Alice Bond 10-11yrs 50 BF 36.58

Jemima Heward 9yrs/u 50 FS 39.99

Grace O’Connor 9yrs/u 50 BF 48.12

Rania Peck 9yrs/u 50 BK 48.82

Billy Waite 9yrs/u 50 BK 47.86

Lachlan Woolford 9yrs/u 100 FS 1:28.79

Lachlan Woolford 9yrs/u 100 IM 1:38.87



4th Girls A 10-11yrs 4 x 50 FS Relay

4th Max Battaini 50 BF

4th Isabeau Coetsee 100 FS

4th Victory Hung 50 FS

5th Girls A 10-11yrs 4 x 50 Medley Relay

5th Alice Bond 50 FS

5th Zara Jordan 50 FS

5th Zain Kinnear 50 BK

5th Lachlan Young 50 BK

6th Jemima Heward 50 BF

7th Annabella Murphy 50 BK

7th Raina Peck 50 FS

8th Boys A 10-11yrs 4 x 50 Medley Relay

9th Girls B 9yrs/u 4 x 50 FS Relay*

9th Boys A 10-11yrs 4 x 50 FS Relay

9th Max Battaini 100 FS

9th Alice Bond 100 IM

9th Zain Kinnear 100 IM

10th Chloe Wokes 50 FS

11th Annabella Murphy 100 FS

12th Anabella Murphy 50 BK

12th Annabella Murphy 50 FS

13th Jemima Heward 50 BR

13th Grace O’Connor 50 FS

13th Bella Zhou 50 BF

14th Billy Waite 50 FS

14th Nicholas Ward 50 BF

15th Caoimhe Begley 50 BK

15th Sam Bruzzaniti 50 BR

15th William Jordan 50 BR

16th Max Battaini 50 FS

16th Grace O’Connor 50 BR


*Note: only 1 relay team per school may score points in each event