IGCSE Language students

Celebrating Excellent IGCSE Results In AIS

The Australian International School is proud to announce the outstanding results of our Year 10 students, for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for 2022. Students gained IGCSE grades in the following subjects: International Mathematics, Mandarin Chinese (Foreign Language), Chinese Second Language, Chinese First Language and French (Foreign Language).

AIS IGCSE Results 2022We had 73 students participate in the examinations in June. The results represent an excellent effort from all the students and teachers involved, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a huge congratulations!

IGCSE Results of AIS students in 2022

The key highlights:

  • 44.2% of students achieved A*, which was a record for AIS.
  • 69.5% of students achieved A* – A
  • 99.0% of students achieved A*- C, which was a record for AIS.
  • 1.02 average ‘Value Added’ grade per subject

One area seldom spoken about by schools is the ‘Value Added’ score a school achieves for their IGCSE exam results. This represents the extra ‘added value’ a school gives its pupils over the duration of the course. Typically a school should at least get a ‘0’. This year we achieved on average +1.02 added grades per IGCSE subject.

Example: A student predicting a

C improved to B
B improved to A
A improved to A*

IGCSE Additional Mathematics students

Teacher: Lee Griffiths with our IGCSE Additional Mathematics students who celebrate their extraordinary results.

Mathematics studentsAIS mathematics classroom

IGCSE Results Improvement in Mathematics Subject 

Our Deputy Head of Mathematics, Mr Lee Griffiths shared his thoughts on this year’s students “The twenty-three students in the Additional Mathematics Class of 2022 should all be congratulated and commended for the incredible effort they have put in over the past year and a half. Not only have they been attending additional lessons before and after school, but they have also been juggling the content from two Mathematics IGCSEs simultaneously. They have taken on this workload with resilience and enthusiasm.

Every member of the class attained at least a B, and there were a staggering fifteen A*s and a huge proportion above 90%, with Jiayuan Mao scoring an incredible 97%. These students now look towards their Additional Mathematics Examination this coming November, and we wish them all the very best to attain more results that reflect their commitment and hard work.”

IGCSE Language students

Teachers: Grace Guan, Jo Gong, Paula Peng and Michelle McWilliams with our IGCSE language students. 

IGCSE Results Improvement in Chinese Foreign Language Subject 

We spoke to our IGCSE Chinese foreign language course leader, Paula Peng, who shared some insight into the difficulty level of the exam and the obstacles the students faced.

“IGCSE Chinese Foreign Language course is a challenging but rewarding learning experience for all of our students. At the beginning of the year some students felt overwhelmed by the rigour of the course due to the expanded knowledge required and greater breadth and depth; however, the students worked diligently and their efforts paid off when they received these excellent results.

The speaking exam format has had a big change from last year, which added more complexity. In order to make the teaching and learning easier to manage myself and two colleagues, Grace Guan and Jo Gong, worked to make comprehensive learning materials. At the beginning of the year we organised speaking practice sessions during recess by pairing up Year 10 students with Year 11 Chinese mother tongue students.

With mutual effort we have gained excellent results collectively, which hopefully builds up the confidence and morale of students in preparing for their other IGCSE Exams. Most importantly students have tried and delivered their best and understand the reason for being resilient.

We also thank the Head of LOTE, Mrs McWilliam, for her constant encouragement, full support and trust in us.”

Congratulations once again to Year 10 on this outstanding achievement!