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Just some of the reasons parents choose our Elementary School

Inquiry-led Elementary School curriculum supported by Australian education standards in the IB Primary Years Program


with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program

This world-recognised program offers our students an inquiry-led curriculum that is engaging, dynamic and challenging. Underpinned by Australian Curriculum standards, our students actively build on their knowledge and their understanding of the world around them. In taking increasing responsibility for their learning, they develop all the attributes that will lead them onto to success in Secondary School.

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Enhancing Mandarin language fluency for our Elementary students


with differentiated Mandarin

Mandarin, the most widely spoken language worldwide, is delivered daily to secure your child’s future place in our globalised economy. Streamed into a Core and Core Extension class, our Mandarin program ensures each student is stretched and stimulated as they progress.

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Elementary students learn critical thinking and analytical skills through our Library and Enquiry Program


with the Library and Inquiry Program

Student led discovery in our Library and Inquiry Centre builds critical thinking, investigation and analytical skills in every child. Within this dedicated, stimulating environment, this program poises students for readiness in Secondary, as research projects become a critical part of curriculum assessment.

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AIS student playing Rugby


Through active lifestyles and healthy competition

The development of character on the sports field flows through into the classroom and our interactions with those around us, which is why we focus on the development of a healthy attitude to fitness through our Physical Education and competitive sports programs for all students.

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Elementary student and teacher in our 1:1 iPad program for children to learn technology proactively


with a 1:1 iPad program

To help students excel in the 21st century, our 1:1 iPad program challenges every child to use technology productively, comfortably and responsbily, learning how to exploit the many applications and benefits of technology to enhance their education and daily lives.

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Our Buddy Program lets Elementary students learn leadership through mentoring their younger peers


within our PYP Buddy Program

Structured by the International Baccalaurate Learner Profile Attributes, our Buddy Program gives every student in the Elementary School the opportunity to mentor a younger student on a regular basis. Through this program we see the acquisition and growth of all important character traits, including leadership, collaboration and compassion.

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Welcome To Our Elementary School

We’re delighted to have this opportunity to introduce life in the Elementary School here at AIS.

The Elementary years are an exciting stage of your child’s education, as this is when they begin discovering individual strengths, passions, and interests. Our aim is to encourage your child to pursue these passions – whether these lie in the arts, sports, culture or academics – and embark on a journey toward personal excellence.

Our team of experienced educators help to fulfill your child’s ambitions by sharing best practice to deliver the highest quality inquiry-based curriculum that focuses on the child as the learner.

By engaging students’ natural curiosity and challenging them in meaningful ways, we help your child to develop key competencies and skills across critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and leadership, providing a gateway to success in Secondary School and beyond.

All of this is delivered just a stone’s throw from Singapore’s city centre, in a stimulating, nurturing environment that allows your child to flourish across all endeavors.

We are proud of all the achievements of our Elementary students at AIS and would welcome the opportunity to meet your child.

A Day In Elementary School At AIS Starting At 8.30, Let's Follow Kylie Through Her Daily Activities

  • Homeroom period at AIS's elementary school 8:30
    Kylie and her brother arrive at AIS after a short walk from the nearby MRT station. She is excited about her homeroom with Mr Steggles as today after roll call he talks about the upcoming International Cultural Experience Day where students learn about different cultures through their peers that represent over 50 nationalities.
  • Elementary students develop their research and thinking skills at Unit of Enquiry 8:40
    Jennifer Kennedy, our Elementary Library and Inquiry Centre teacher talks about how our younger students in Lower Elementary school delve deeply into particular areas of learning, developing their research, self-management and thinking skills.
  • Daily Core Extension Mandarin class with Mr.Gao 9:15
    Today in Mr Gao’s Core Extension Mandarin Class, Kylie learns about sports that are popular in China. She practices her Mandarin by talking about how the nervous system works when playing sports. To accommodate new students with no background in Mandarin and to challenge current students at an appropriate level, AIS students in each year group are placed into either a ‘Core’ class or a ‘Core Extension’ class, where the program is differentiated to cater to the different needs of learners. Click here to learn more about our Global Languages Program.
  • AIS Elementary students enjoying Visual Arts class 9:50
    This term in Ms Copping’s class, Kylie and her classmates have been learning how culture is represented through art. Today they explore the style and techniques of Aboriginal art. Kylie creates a picture using the Aboriginal technique of dot painting.
  • Three AIS Elementary students at lunch 11:00
    After all of that hard work in art, Kylie is hungry and she uses her smartcard to buy lunch from the Canteen. She sits with her friends outside where they discuss their song for the upcoming music ensemble night.
  • Creative writing at the Language lesson at the AIS Elementary 11:55
    Kylie’s lesson today in language is about imagery and descriptive writing. Using their new expressive vocabulary words she pairs with a classmate to write and illustrate a story they will read to the preschoolers in the Early Years Centre. They are sharing their stories next week as part of their IB Primary Years Programme Unit of Inquiry on storytelling.
  • Elementary students of AIS in swimming class for PE 1:05
    Physical Education is in the multi-purpose hall where has Physical Education Specialist Ms Thorn has brought in an expert on Tai Chi to teach class today. Even though Kylie’s class is having fun they’re still developing their fundamental movement skills such as balance, manipulation, locomotion and stability.
  • Elementary students of AIS at recess 1:40
    Kylie and her friends talk about their upcoming weekends and enjoy a snack from the canteen.
  • Two Elementary students from AIS doing probabilities on the whiteboard 2:05
    Kylie’s favourite subject is Mathematics. Her class has been learning how to express probabilities as simple fractions. She works with her classmate to create a tree diagram to identify probabilities. Joining their class today is the dedicated Maths Coordinator who works alongside curriculum experts and the teachers in order to deliver a more personalised pedagogy to suit the needs of the students.
  • AIS elementary student at Art Club for her Co-Curricular Activity 3:45
    Kylie loves art so has elected to participate in the after school Art Club CCA to further her learning. Today she learns to transfer a photo of her of a yellow flower into a drawing so she can hang it up in her bedroom.
  • Join AIS's Elementary School 5:00
    Kylie meets up with her brother, who has finished his Cricket 14U CCA, and they walk back to the Lorong Chuan MRT station to head home after a great day at school.


  • A Day in Elementary School
    AIS Elementary School Student on her Day at school
    Join Harper on her day in the Elementary School at AIS.
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  • Developing All Round Achievers
    A class of AIS elementary students listening to a storybook
    Find out how our students achieve holistic growth through exceptional opportunities.
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  • A Passion for Mathematics
    Elementary student learning Maths from his teacher at AIS
    Learn how our teachers share best practice through collaborative planning to deliver differentiated maths programs at each year level.
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Australian International School, Singapore

The Australian International School is the only southern-hemisphere international school in Singapore that offers an Australian curriculum-based global education for students from the age of 2 months to 18 years.

This truly international education begins with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) from Preschool to Year 5, Australian Curriculum for Years 6 to 8, Cambridge IGCSE in Years 9 and 10, and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) for Years 11 and 12.

Australian International School has a vision to be known internationally as an institution which represents educational excellence in all aspects of its operation. Our school philosophy commits us fully to the notion of a holistic, rounded education, which cherishes the arts and sports as well as academics as essential dimensions of each student’s education. We are equally committed to teaching our students to have a moral commitment to making our world a better place as reflective, caring, knowledgeable and principled people. At AIS, each child is special, each is important.

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