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Overseas Representatives

Australian International School Approved Active Agent List

Agent NameCountry of RepresentationContract Expiry Date
Bloomgreen Investment Consultancy Pte LtdChina27/07/2019
Culture Connection Pte. Ltd.Japan20/05/2019
Destiny Consultant Pte LtdChina, Singapore13/04/2019
Educare4u Pte. LtdChina, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan03/07/2019
EI Holdings Pte. LtdChina, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia03/07/2019
Edunet Pte. Ltd China29/03/2019
Grade SaversChina13/04/2019
Homestay UnionChina, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan 22/06/2019
Raffles International Education Service Centre Pte. Ltd.China29/03/2019
Lezhongda Consultancy Pte. LtdChina, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam09/07/2019
Sichuan Best Overseas Advisory Services Co. LtdChina13/07/2019
Singapore Committees of Higher Education Development Pte LtdChina, Indonesia, Thailand06/05/2019
Shinseki EducationKorea09/07/2019
SCH EnterpriseSingapore, China01/01/2019
Shanghai Huashen International Education Co. LtdChina30/10/2018
Shanghai Chartswell Business Information Consulting Co. Ltd.China30/10/2018
TransCulture Academy Pte. LtdChina30/10/2018
Wang Bo Pte. LtdChina24/09/2019
Onwards Education Consultancy Pte. Ltd.China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia12/10/2019