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You could not have chosen a better start to your child’s formal learning journey guided by specialist teaching staff, qualified teaching teams experienced in Early Years, proven methodologies designed to develop confident learners, and a curriculum aimed at academic, social and emotional success. A perfect balance of soft and academic skills that will help your child discover the joy of learning and build their knowledge base.

Academic and physical development are inextricably linked, which is why we focus on the development of the whole child. A more holistic and interdisciplinary approach is applied where knowledge is integrated, connections explored, and young learners’ innate learning ability is harnessed. We nurture in children a questioning stance, the natural wonder and need for agency as they begin to take ownership of their own learning.

Each child’s learning journey is personalized, their strengths and passions factored in, various areas for development identified and further explored. Our dedicated teachers guide children through the process of inquiry, assuring that lifelong skills and positive attitudes to learning are at the core of each child’s personal development.

Our amazing facilities surrounded by lush greenery and in proximity to the Chuan Lane Park invite children to explore, wonder, and discover. We would love an opportunity to welcome you to this dynamic environment and welcoming community!

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Booking an on-site tour is a great way to experience the Australian International School campus. If you are not yet residing in Singapore, or your schedule does not allow for a visit to our campus, an Online Consultation is a great alternative too.