adam patterson
May 20, 2022


Believes that an effective partnership between school and home is the recipe for success. Has the best job in the world as he gets to share in a child’s first experiences of school.

Teaching Biography

Adam joined AIS in 2016 as the Head of Early Years, before being appointed Head of Elementary in 2019. Originally from Armidale, NSW, Australia, Adam has been working in International Schools for 30 years, in a variety of countries and educational settings. 2022 marks his 30th year in education. He has varied experience as a teacher and a school leader, from a young teacher beginning his career teaching English in France to teaching and leading schools in the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Kuwait and Brazil.

Adam loves leading schools, his passion is developing positive relationships with everyone within the community, working with students as they grow, supporting teachers and staff so that they can reach their greatest potential, strengthening a connection between school and home, and a fostering a positive school culture. At our core, we know that the school to home partnership is what allows us to provide an extraordinary school experience for all students.

Personal Biography

In his spare time Adam enjoys cooking and has developed an unhealthy addiction to T.V chefs. He enjoys most sports and still plays rugby and cricket when he can, although somewhat slower than in previous years. Adam and his family enjoy traveling and look forward to re-visiting some of their favourite places in SE Asia and also discovering some new ones. Adam’s wife Amanda and two children Daisy and Alex join him in Singapore, Alex and Daisy will be attending AIS.