February 27, 2023

Eric is a seasoned communications director with over 20 years of experience across many industries. He specialises in communications, crisis communications, fundraising and community engagement and has a proven track record of helping organisations build strong relationships with their stakeholders.


Eric began his career in a financial start-up and quickly developed a passion for communications in a tech environment. Since his return to Singapore in 2004, he has worked for various organisations, including non-profits, government agencies, hospitality, higher education and international schools. Eric has helped organisations navigate complex communications challenges throughout his career, including crises and reputational issues.


One of Eric’s greatest strengths is his ability to develop and execute effective communications strategies that engage diverse audiences. He keenly understands crafting compelling messages that resonate with different stakeholder groups and has experience working with diverse communities. He has managed communications during cybersecurity incidents, accidents, and other high-stress situations. He understands the importance of clear, transparent communication in these situations and knows how to communicate complex information in a way that is accessible to all.


Eric is passionate about community engagement and has helped organisations build strong stakeholder relationships. He has experience leading outreach campaigns, organising public meetings, and engaging with community leaders. He understands the importance of listening to community concerns and building trust with stakeholders over time.


Since April 2022, and with the relaxing of Safe Management Measures, Eric’s team has been instrumental in the planning and hosting of all school events, including the school photos exercise, Year 5 graduation, Year 12 Valedictory Dinner, AIS Presentation Day, Picnic Under the Stars, Waitangi Day, etc.


In his free time, Eric used to compete in triathlons, including the 70.3 Half Ironman, but he currently enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors with friends and family.