A Purpose Built Space for Early Years

Created with young learners in mind

At 50,000 square meters, the Early Learning Village (designed by award-winning Bogle Architects) is the world’s largest pre-school. Both the facilities and the educational program are considered revolutionary in the Early Years Education.

The Early Learning Village is home to our Infant Care, Early Years and Prep students. The building is equipped with a plethora of modern amenities and facilities. There are multi-functional outdoor play decks, a 20-meter swimming pool with lanes for our youngest swimmers, a specifically built area for gymnastics and dance classes, a cozy library, parent cafes, and many more!

‘’ The Early Learning Village is a one of a kind place for young children. Nowhere I have worked in has paid such attention to the needs of the children who will use the space. Space, Light and Time – these are the gifts to the teachers and children of the Early Learning Village. It is a living breathing part of what happens every day. From the living walls coming to life with flowers and native bees to the shared spaces that children are discovering around every corner, there is something that is exciting and something that creates a sense of wonder. Parents and children do not want to go home. The ELV’s design and intent is all about community and relationships a place where lasting friendships for both children and adults are built.’’

Adam Patterson

Principal at the Australian International School

The Pods

Classrooms are arranged into clusters of four inside of a space called a pod. The access to the pods is protected and possible only with the use of encoded cards. Each cluster has a dedicated teaching kitchen with child-friendly access, a mini-library, as well as a resource centre and open spaces for children to collaborate, play and flow.

Despite the impressive size of the complex, children never feel overwhelmed. Familiar pod designs and small clusters create intimacy and help avoid overcrowding. The learning environments remain comfortable, cosy and familiar even as children move to the next grade.


Each of our Reggio Emilia-inspired classrooms has its own outdoor playground, complete with sandpits as well as water or creativity project tables and sensory play equipment. These ‘playgrounds in the sky’ are spaces flooded with natural light and are accessible through a child-sized door, allowing each child’s learning to be guided by their imaginations.

In the Nurseries and Infant Care, the classroom clusters are equipped in nappy changing and toilet-learning facilities and well as dedicated sleeping areas.

Multi-Functional Rooms and Other Spaces

At The Early Learning Village, students enjoy a Library and Inquiry Centre, STEAM room, a dance studio, and multi-functional classrooms used by specialist teachers. These unique spaces are designed to compliment our curriculum and support the development of young learners. The Hive is an additional large multi-purpose gym fitted with equipment especially for young, busy people who need a lot of movement.

Outside of their own classroom playgrounds, children can explore 1500m2 of covered play space that has been designed to enhance play and encourage imagination across 3 different floors. These spaces feature a range of sensory play equipment, water play, bike tracks and sandpits. Nearby, parents can meet and create new friendships in our Parent Café.

At the heart of The Early Learning Village, our fully-covered 22m swimming pool is designed for the enjoyment and teaching of young children. Featuring two depths, the lowest for little waders and parent/bay instruction and the highest suitable for Learn to Swim for up to 6 years of age. A UV protective roof keeps children under cover, while our natural water filtration system reduces the need for hard chemical use.

Well-being and safety is supported by a Medical Centre staffed by pediatric-experienced nurses.

The Secret Garden offers our little adventurers opportunities to engage with nature, spot birds, tend to plants, enjoy the mud, soil, grass, and beautiful weather.

On-site modern kitchen

The on-site modern kitchen at the Early Learning Village provides nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for young children, all served within the Pod.

The Early Learning Village kitchen has a separate fully equipped allergen kitchen to cater for children’s individual needs. All meals are designed and prepared by a team of chefs, with advice from a dedicated dietician. Menus are shared regularly for parents to stay abreast of their child’s daily nutritional needs.

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