Extending learning beyond the classroom

Our programs aim to challenge and excite students by providing a diverse range of outdoor opportunities, with varying levels of risk and physical demand. Through this program, our students have a chance to step outside of the classroom and develop their skills in a holistic way.

What are the goals of AIS Outdoor Education?

  • Develop a stronger strength of character
  • Build better equipped young men and women through overcoming adversities
  • Instil Leadership and Fellowship
  • Develop a greater awareness of themselves and others
  • Create a deeper understanding, appreciation and connection with the natural world


Students will take part in a variety of outdoor activities such as trekking, fire-lighting, rafting and shelter construction. All of these activities require them to work as a team, assigning roles and responsibilities based on their individual strengths.

Leadership & Followship

Activities such as rock-climbing and zip-lining require them to be a natural leader – someone who goes first and sets an example for the rest of the group. Of equal importance is the value of ‘followship’ – the notion that it’s OK not to be the leader and that everybody’s contribution in the group is valued.


The outdoor environment can present a number of challenges. Weather can turn bad, treks can become steep and obstacles can present themselves in many forms. Overcoming these challenges builds resilience and strength of character within our students.

Social Skills

The outdoors is a wonderful level playing field where every child can be themselves, away from the influences of media and technology. Group activities encourage children to interact with one another and build new friendships.

Environmental Awareness

Being outdoors draws student’s focus to issues such as global warming and the impact of human activity on the natural environment.

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