Global Festival 2023_Performances

Global Festival 2023

A Celebration of Cultural Diversity at Australian International School

The Australian International School (AIS) recently hosted its annual Global Festival on Friday, June 23, 2023. This vibrant event brought together the whole school from Early Years to Secondary to celebrate and embrace the cultural diversity within the school. The festival offered a day filled with captivating performances, immersive workshops, and delectable international cuisine. 

Our school’s Principal Adam Patterson shared his thoughts “The Global Festival at AIS is a testament to our commitment to nurturing a culturally diverse and inclusive community. It is a celebration of our student’s unique identities, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Through this event, we aim to instil a deep appreciation for different cultures and promote global citizenship among our students.

The Global Festival at AIS was a multisensory trip through the many countries and cultures that are represented in the AIS community. The smell of mouth watering food from lands near and far wafting through the air while live music played in the background and the sight of colourful costumes everywhere, made this a truly unique experience. The day was so much more than this sensory treat, it is a testament to our commitment to nurturing and celebrating a culturally diverse and inclusive community. It is a celebration of our student’s unique identities, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.”



Launching the Festival with Distinguished Guests

To kick off the Global Festival, the AIS organised a grand assembly that welcomed distinguished guests from Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. These esteemed visitors joined the AIS community in inaugurating the event, marking the beginning of a day filled with excitement and cultural appreciation.


AIS Principal Adam Patterson presenting a Token of Appreciation to New Zealand High Commissioner to Singapore Gabrielle Rush

Showcasing Cultural Identity Through Attire

The festival encouraged all students, teachers, and staff to proudly wear clothing or national dresses that symbolized their deep and authentic connections to various cultures. The vibrant display of diverse attire provided a visual representation of the rich tapestry of identities within the AIS community.



Live Performances

The Big Gym came alive with the enchanting sounds of music as elementary and secondary students showcased their musical talents through live band performances and soulful singing. The stage became a conduit for cultural exchange, as students presented melodies and rhythms from different corners of the world, captivating the audience with their harmonious performances.

Uniting in Dance and Rhythm with a Flash Mob

In an exhilarating display of unity and rhythm, students gathered on the field to perform a lively flash mob. The synchronized dance routine brought together participants from diverse cultural backgrounds, transcending language barriers and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the AIS community.



Cultural Feast

One of the highlights of the Global Festival was the Cultural Feast, where AIS parents, together with an incredible team of parent volunteers, collaborated to create an unforgettable culinary experience. The feast showcased a wide array of delectable dishes representing diverse nationalities and cultures. Students and faculty had the opportunity to indulge in local delicacies from around the world, including mouthwatering specialties from Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, and many more.

Early Years Children Unleash Their Dance Moves at the Disco

The youngest members of the AIS community, the Early Years children, showcased their infectious energy and enthusiasm on the dance floor. In the hive, a designated area for the disco, the children let loose and grooved to lively tunes, spreading joy and laughter throughout the festival.


AIS Head of School Karrie Dietz and Australian High Commissioner Allaster Cox greeting the Early Years students

Parade to Bid Farewell to Honored Guests

As the festival drew to a close, students lined up with flags in hand to bid farewell to the honoured guests who had graced the event. This heartwarming parade allowed the AIS community to express their gratitude and appreciation for the esteemed visitors, while also symbolizing the unity and goodwill that the Global Festival had fostered.



Learn From One Another

Leading up to the event, we engaged with our vibrant AIS community by inviting them to share their extraordinary stories about the places they call home. We were amazed by the diversity of cultures and experiences represented within our school. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another and celebrate the rich tapestry of backgrounds that make up our AIS family. To delve deeper into these captivating stories and gain a deeper understanding of the cultures at AIS, click here to explore and discover the fascinating narratives that shape our community.

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