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Professional Learning at AIS

Cultivating a Thriving Learning Culture

At the Australian International School (AIS), we are deeply committed to cultivating a thriving Professional Learning Culture. Through our concerted efforts, we aim to create an environment that enables a seamless exchange of expertise, promotes the growth of our teachers, and advances our school community collectively. By investing in our Professional Learning Culture, the Australian International School remains forward-focused in pursuing excellence and providing the highest quality education for our students.

Professional Learning at AIS

Leading the Professional Learning Culture at AIS is an immense privilege, as it allows us to work alongside exceptional individuals, teams, and leaders who enhance the learning experiences within the Australian International School community. Our dedicated staff at AIS share a common vision of fostering a culture of continuous learning, aligning with our school’s commitment to delivering high-quality teaching and learning for our students.

Embracing a Framework for Growth

At AIS, our professional learning framework revolves around three strategic domains: Holistic Education, Leadership, and Growth. Our goal is to continually deepen the Professional Learning Culture by conducting ongoing research on the practices of highly effective teams, leadership, and collaboration. We firmly believe that professional learning should be accessible through various pathways and tiers of development, targeting both personal and organizational goals.

AIS Professional Learning Speakers

Image: Kelly Sommerville, Assistant Head of Diversity & Development and Seán Begley, Deputy Head of Secondary accompanied by speakers at our recent Staff Collaborative Day Tom Brockhurst and Sarah Austin

Empowering Staff as Agents of Growth

We firmly believe that staff members are the drivers of their own professional growth and learning. When they take ownership of their development and actively engage as reflective practitioners, they become most effective in their roles. A key element of effective teaching is to develop a strong sense of evaluative thinking. We encourage staff to be proactive agents of their professional learning, seeking continuous improvement and growth.

Investing in a Comprehensive Approach

The Australian International School invests significant resources and time in a comprehensive approach to building a Professional Learning Culture. Guided by our Academic Strategy Team, we implement a comprehensive approach that encompasses various strategic elements aimed at fostering professional growth, collaboration and networking, and leadership development. Extensive research has consistently demonstrated the transformative impact of a robust Professional Learning Culture, leading to highly effective teaching and learning practices, improved student learning outcomes, and overall school performance.

AIS Professional Learning

Three Pillars of Professional Learning at AIS

The AIS Professional Learning Culture is built across three areas:

  1. Professional Review

The Professional Review process at AIS is crucial in supporting new employees during their transition to school. Through the probation process, reviewers engage with new employees in various environments, ensuring a high level of competency and providing support.

  1. Whole School Strategic Plan

Our Whole School Strategic Plan focuses on growth, leadership, and collaboration. It serves as a guiding framework for professional learning, providing direction and coherence to our efforts in fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  1. Professional Learning Opportunities

The Professional Learning Culture at AIS is embedded through a range of learning opportunities drawn from within our community. These opportunities include co-teaching models, professional learning series, the inspiring leadership program, research inquiry through platforms like TeachMeet, DiscoTech, and Noodles&Novels, peer observation and feedback structures, as well as mentoring, coaching, and action research models.

Goals for Professional Learning

The Professional Learning Goals at AIS are designed to support growth and development:

  1. Goal 1: Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Standards
  2. Goal 2: Sub-school/Department Goal
  3. Goal 3: Personal goal of choice to support professional growth

Promoting Collaboration and Dialogue

AIS conducts a Professional Learning Series each term to facilitate collaboration and dialogue among staff members. These series provide a platform for sharing insights, expertise, and best practices, further enhancing the Professional Learning Culture at our school. We also have a dedicated Professional Learning & Review Policy in place to guide our practices and ensure the highest standards of professional learning.

Engaging Parents in the Learning Process

We believe in the importance of engaging parents in the learning process. AIS organises parent workshops to provide valuable insights into our professional learning initiatives and foster collaboration between parents and educators. By involving parents, we create a strong partnership that supports the holistic development of our students.


Teach Meet

AIS TeachMeet: Academic Well-Being

AIS held TeachMeet an event on Tuesday, 20 June from 4.30 pm to 6 pm. The topic focus was Academic Well-Being. The event allowed teachers to share successful ideas, tools, and strategies that they have used in their classrooms in brief 5-minute presentations. 

As teachers, we strive for our students to feel safe, happy, and supported. There are many ways we all do this! TeachMeet offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase how we all take responsibility for making this a focus.

Stay Connected

Together, we will continue to strengthen our Professional Learning Culture, ensuring that AIS remains at the forefront of educational excellence. As we deepen our commitment to our Professional Learning Culture, we focus on elements of high-quality professional dialogue and models of evaluative and reflective practices. AIS takes pride in leading a Professional Learning Culture that provides an exceptional place to work, learn, and grow for our staff, resulting in enhanced educational experiences and outcomes for our students.

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