May 19, 2022

School Life In Singapore, What You Need To Know

The international schools in Singapore provide high standards of education for international students. Australian parents living in the city and those planning to move there are particularly well served by the Australian International School (AIS), which is the only school in Singapore that works to the Australian and IB curriculums, while also providing its students and staff with a unique global outlook.

Check the facts

As a family moving to or living in Singapore, it’s important to research a number of international schools — not simply regarding academic standards, but whether they deliver the important extras that make for a fully rounded education. For example:

If your children are creative, look for an international school that excels in art, theatre and music activities.

If they’re sporty types, seek out a school that encourages athleticism in team sports such as rugby, netball and basketball, or promotes personal excellence via training and coaching in sports such as swimming.

Look for a school that ensures your children will benefit from confidence building activities, such as speech and drama programs, or Outdoor Education programs

If you recently moved to Singapore, look for a school where your child can feel part of a close-knit community. The upheaval of the move can be stressful for children, so it’s important to have a school which has a strong emphasis on pastoral care as well as academic care.

When it comes to settling in, it’s not just about the child. An active Parents’ Association that promotes a program of fun, inclusive events will help the whole family to socialize more easily and really feel a part of the school and broader community.

AIS offers all these types of activities and more, giving your children fantastic academic advantages, as well a nurturing environment that develops their skills outside of the classroom

Take note of the curriculum

Another element parents need to consider is the curriculum which the international school delivers. The Australian curriculum at AIS is great for those families relocating from Australia who only intend to spend a short time in Singapore before moving back home. It can also pave a pathway to Universities, particularly in Australia but also beyond. On the other hand, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is a truly global curriculum which is widely recognised as being a challenging and academically rigorous program. This option can also open up many doors for students in terms of University placements across the world

In addition to the standard curriculum options, some schools such as AIS offer Vocational Education and Training (VET) options for those students who wish to take a more practical approach to studying, and who may wish to pursue career opportunities that don’t require a University degree. At AIS we offer vocational qualifications in Construction and Hospitality as part of our HSC program.

Students at AIS study the IB Primary Years Program throughout Elementary School, followed by the Australian Curriculum in years 6,7 and 8. In years 9 and 10 students will undertake the world renowned Cambridge IGCSE curriculum and then will have the option of choosing between the IBDP, HSC or Vocational options for their final years of study.

During Year 10, AIS recommends that students and parents carefully consider and compare the IBDP and HSC in terms of the curriculum structure, the student’s preferred learning styles, and the assessment methods used in each case. This helps determine which qualification will best meet the student’s requirements.

Digital learning

In the 21st century, no self-respecting school is complete without a focus on technology and the global digital age we live in. At AIS, the responsible use of digital skills and knowledge is high on the agenda. Contemporary technology changes rapidly and the devices, resources and programs used at AIS reflect this.

Shared iPads are used as teaching tools in Preschool, progressing to individual iPads for every student at Elementary level. Secondary level students are issued with an iPad or may bring their own to school.

Visual arts, digital media and music students have access to specialist studios equipped with the latest technology. The school has an interactive whiteboard and projector in every room. Information portals and e-learning continue to develop throughout the school, and there is a strong focus on online safety through the digital citizenship education program.