May 11, 2022

Anna is the Infant Care Coordinator as well as the Assistant Head of Early Years. She comes from a large family of 6 girls and as the eldest sibling, was introduced to early childhood education by means of her first caregiving moments with her sisters. Fast forward, Anna found herself drawn to early childhood education which led her to a completion of Bachelor and Master degrees, with a doctorate in curriculum, teaching and learning currently under way.

In her professional life, Anna has travelled and worked for many years in countries such as Poland, Thailand, Indonesia, England, and now Singapore. Her journey with AIS started in January of 2016 when she opened the first nursery class. She has also discovered a passion for progressive education which places the child at the center of the curriculum. She values partnerships with caregivers and connections with the wider community which help bring the world to the children’s doorstep as well as meet their individual needs a little better. To aid parents in our program, Anna is also currently training as a sleep consultant, and is excited to extend her knowledge to the families of Infant Care.