emma mcaulay
May 20, 2022


Educational Leadership Positions in P-12 Context. Cultivates learning environments which promote personal excellence, curiosity, inquiry, and collaboration. Passionate about using and analysing data to drive curriculum design and development

Teaching Biography

Ms McAulay is a highly experienced teacher and educational leader. Before arriving in Singapore, she was IB PYP Coordinator at a leading Independent school in Sydney. Emma has also held the role of Special Education Coordinator across different regions of Sydney and has International education experience teaching in schools across the UK.

Personal Biography

Emma is originally from Sydney, Australia. She is looking forward to working and living in Singapore with her husband, Hector, and two daughters, Ava 7 and Molly 5, who will also attend AIS. She is an avid reader and seizes opportunities to further her learning. Emma thrives on staying fit, runs daily and enters various fun runs, half and full marathons. She enjoys travel adventures with family and friends.