AIS Prefects 2023
October 19, 2023

Unlocking the World of Investment: AIS Students Participate in WYIC Competition

If you’re curious about how students at the Australian International School in Singapore are taking their academic journey to new heights, you’re in for a treat. Meet Issey and Kavya, two bright year 11 students who have embraced a unique opportunity to participate in a worldwide economics competition. Keep reading as we delve into their experiences, insights, and the mechanics of this exciting competition. We’ll also explore the connection between academics and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), study techniques, and much more.

The WYIC Economics Competition

WYIC, short for the World Youth Investment and Finance Challenge, is a student-led competition hosted by a school in Vietnam. This exciting investment challenge spans from October 4, 2023, to June 24, 2024, where schools worldwide engage in spirited mini-competitions. One of these competitions revolves around stock trading, with participants striving to amass the highest revenue within a month.

Each school selects a team of students to represent them in these competitions. The students earn points based on their performance and placements. The grand finale is a yearly virtual live competition, featuring a challenging case study showdown. The winning team not only claims the title of the conference champion but also a substantial cash prize ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

Issey and Kavya, year 11 students at AIS, are gearing up to represent their school in this competition. The WYIC’s primary aim is to equip students with the essential skills needed in their investment and financial journey. These skills extend beyond the classroom, encompassing communication, research, and critical thinking, making it a valuable student experience.

AIS WYIC Competition

Promoting the Competition

Issey and Kavya have extended the invitation to fellow students in grades 9 to 11, currently enrolled in either the IGCSE or International Baccalaureate (IBDP) programs, to become a part of the AIS WYIC team.

To spread the word, they utilised the Google Classroom platform, ensuring all relevant students were informed. The invitation to join the competition came from the head of the Asian division. Issey and Kavya quickly realised the tremendous opportunity it offered their fellow students and enthusiastically embraced the responsibility of coordinating the event.

AIS Secondary School Students

Aligning Competition with School Work

The competition runs alongside schoolwork, ensuring there’s no overwhelming workload for students. A larger team was deliberately recruited to distribute responsibilities, allowing individuals to focus on their studies. Importantly, the competition’s content complements school curriculums since traditional business or economics classes don’t delve directly into the world of investing. This integration bridges the gap between the classroom and real-world applications.

The Role of Academic Prefects

As the Academic Prefects at AIS, Issey and Kavya aim to foster a more engaging academic environment and break the stereotype that academics are boring. They’re dedicated to creating exciting initiatives grounded in academic subjects, aligning with AIS’s core value of “opportunity.” By offering experiences like the WYIC competition, they hope to empower students with investment skills and nurture collaboration and teamwork, skills that will stay with them throughout their life journeys.

Kavya shares why she chose economics

AIS Student

When asked why Kavya chose to study economics and business at AIS, she shared “I chose to study business at AIS in both the IGCSE and IB courses because I believe it provides fundamental knowledge that is crucial in the real world, as businesses are a part of nearly every component of our current society. I know that a solid understanding of how businesses function will be hugely advantageous and give me a competitive advantage in the workforce. Furthermore, I am genuinely interested in business and taking the subject in school has allowed me to see that I am keen to pursue it further as I am now looking at establishing a future in marketing or public relations. I am greatly looking forward to broadening my knowledge of business through my participation in this investment competition as it is unlike anything I have learnt in school before!”

At AIS, we instil the importance of acknowledging one’s achievements and taking pride in the fruits of hard work. Kavya shared a remarkable academic accomplishment from earlier this year, “One particularly memorable academic achievement of mine at AIS occurred in Term 1 of this year when I faced my first assessment in Chinese reading as part of the IB course. I had been forewarned about the challenges of Chinese in the IB curriculum, so I dedicated a substantial amount of time to this subject. Naturally, I felt quite anxious about the results of the reading test, which I initially found daunting. However, when the marks were in, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had achieved one of the top scores in my class. This experience serves as a constant reminder that I should never doubt my abilities based on others’ opinions, and it reaffirms the value of hard work.”

Mentorship and Influential Mentors

Kavya acknowledges the importance of mentorship in a student’s development. She recognised a certain family member as her mentor “My father has been significantly influential in my life, who always maintains my faith in myself even when I’m not feeling the smartest. With his experience in the business world, I am super grateful for the advice he can give me and I am keen to have conversations about investing with him once I become a pro after this competition!”

Issey shares the importance of time management

AIS Year 11 Student

In Year 11, while pursuing the IBDP, effective time management is crucial due to the substantial workload and numerous activities. Issey shared her insights on how she successfully balances her school responsibilities and personal life. “Balancing school commitments, Co-Curricular Activities, and personal life can be challenging. Personally, I have found prioritising my academic responsibilities and shaping my routine around this to be an effective way of allocating my time. In order to maintain a healthy balance, I consistently participate in extracurricular activities like REP sports, mentor programmes and CCA’s. However, as someone who loves to get involved, it can be challenging not to over-commit. I have found being realistic about what I can manage to be the most crucial mindset to adopt during a busy school year. I often use a calendar to document my commitments and ensure all tasks are being fulfilled, allowing me to stay focused and on track.”

Study tips 

After completing IGCSE and experiencing the first year of IB, finding a suitable study schedule is crucial in staying up to date with work and preparing for exams. Some  techniques that have helped Issey in the lead-up to assessment and managing assignments include:

  1. Study through active learning and recall – Through summarisation and condensing information into your own words, you reinforce your understanding of the material. Teaching others can be another way to clarify your understanding (past examinations are the best way to utilise this skill) 
  2. Note-taking methods – Use respective textbooks and online resources to create mind maps of topics; not only does this highlight connections between concepts, but also summarises extensive topics (easier for memorisation) 
  3. Consistent revision and organisation – Staying up to date with materials and notes will reinforce your knowledge of content and reduce the study load prior to exams.

Overcoming Academic Challenges

Issey highlighted the transition from grade 10 to 11 as a significant academic challenge. “The academic standard and overall expectations from grade 10 to 11 is a drastic change I have had to adapt to and manage. As the IB is an entirely new course, understanding the style of exams and the nature of the content has been a challenge over the past months. However, through a commitment to classwork and finding effective study resources, this once-difficult change has become highly manageable. Personally, listening to advice from past students and staying on top of notes and revision has been the best method for overcoming any academic challenges.”

Advice for New AIS Students

For new students joining AIS in Year 11 or 12 Issey recommends “Reaching out to your peers for assistance or advice. Seeing the entire cohort is experiencing the same academic challenges and coursework, an abundance of shared notes, study hacks and valuable resources are certainly available. Additionally, making the most of your study periods will not only help manage your workload effectively but also provide an opportunity to connect with teachers for extra support, ensuring you grasp all the essential course content.”

AIS Secondary School

Fostering Initiative and Opportunity

Issey and Kavya’s participation in the WYIC economics competition embodies the spirit of initiative and seizing opportunities, a core value fostered at the Australian International School. These experiences go beyond knowledge and skills; they add vibrancy to their academic journeys, rendering learning both captivating and fulfilling. We eagerly anticipate updates on the AIS team’s progress in the competition and wish them the very best of luck!

If you require further information or have any enquiries about the Australian International School, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.