Graduating Class of 2022
January 9, 2023

Congratulations to AIS Class of 2022 on their IB Diploma results

We are extremely proud to announce the results of our 2022 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) graduating cohort. On behalf of the Head of School, Ms Karrie Dietz, we congratulate the Class of 2022 for achieving an impressive set of results despite the challenges associated with the last two years of study.

These students’ success is a remarkable testimony to their diligence and resilience. It is also a testament to their teachers’ passionate and dedicated guidance and the unwavering support of their families. Keeping our IB students’ Academic Wellbeing at the forefront of our priorities has paid off with some excellent IB results.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Average IB Score of 34.7 for 81 successful students
  • Average ATAR IB students – 90.23
  • 21% of students achieved 40+ IB points
  • 30 students received a Bilingual Diploma


AIS Year 12 Graduates

Our top students:
Luana Meyer Accioli de Vasconcellos (45)
Bastien Buwalda (45)
Leo Reichenberg-Grimeland (44)
Shihan Yu (43)
Mia Tan (42)
Elliott Chu (42)
Zhuoya Gong (42)
Ethan Ong (42)
Yanlin Wang (42)

These results reflect an outstanding two years for our students and the entire school community. We are so proud of what these impressive young men and women have accomplished. We are sure that you will join us in congratulating them as they commence the next phase of their academic journey. With these results, anything is possible.

When we include these results with the excellent performance of their peers in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) cohort we find that students have scored at an elite level. Australian Universities use the Australian Tertiary Assessment Rank (ATAR) when selecting students. An ATAR of 99 ranks in the top 1% of all students, an ATAR of 90 in the top 10%.

The Average ATAR of an AIS student in 2022 was 87.7
9% of students scored >99+ ATAR
22% of students scored >95+ ATAR
47% of students scored >90+ ATAR
82% of students scored >80+ ATAR

Once again we celebrate and congratulate every member of the AIS Class of 2022 and wish them all the best for the future.