Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Australian International School Cater For Children Of All Ages?

What Nationalities Are Represented By The Students?

How Long Do Students Stay At The School?

What Festivals Are Observed At The School?

What Is The Average Floor Area Of Your Class Rooms?

What Time Do Classes Start And Finish?

Why Does AIS Start Earlier In The Year Than Schools In Australia?

How Do Most Students Travel To And From School Every Day?

Is There A School Canteen?

What Is The Smart Card, And How Does It Work?

How Do School And Parents Communicate With Each Other?

Can Parents Help In Their Children’s Classes, And If So, How?

What Curriculum Is Taught At The Australian International School?

What Languages Are Taught?

Is Religious Education Taught?

How Many Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) Does AIS Offer?

How Are Co-Curricular Activities Signed Up For?

How Are Private Music Lessons Signed Up For?

Where Are Teachers Recruited From?

How Long Do Staff Stay At The School?

Is Technology Used In The Classroom?

Are Children Expected To Bring A Personal Laptop To School?

Is After School Child Care Provided?

Are Camps Available During Holidays?

Where Do AIS Students Go To University?

Do AIS Students Perform Well Compared With Those In Australia?

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